Saturday, July 10, 2010

Can I have one please!?!?!

Pretty much ever since I can remember, I have wanted a border collie. Perhaps it was the early influences of the movie Babe, but I have a serious hankering for one of these pooches. I plan on naming mine Banjo and having it herd my goats!
So of course I was all for it when my mom suggested going to the sheepdog trials at Merck Forest. After a long drive we arrived to a pretty magical spectacle.
They are SO SMART! And fast...
I plan on learning all about it before I actually get myself one, cause these dogs definitely need to get worked. I'm about ready to send in my membership to the NEBCA (Northeast Border Collie Association)!
(And a plus, we got to see a hilarious sheep shearing demonstration)


  1. What good taste you have, Gretta! I love these dogs too. This is a link for the northeast rescue association for border collies - give them a visit before you use a breeder: